I’ve been growing my hair long since the start of the year. Around February I realized I needed a product I could use to style my mane. I’ve used gel before and I don’t like it because it makes my hair hard and has ingredients which I wouldn’t want to put on my hair. My options came down to waxes and pomades – products that allow one to style hair without making it hard or showing an overly wet look. I stumbled upon this organic hair wax by Z.E.N. Naturals while browsing their products at the Legazpi Sunday Market. At only 120 pesos I thought I’d give it a try.

I used the product every day for a week to see how it holds and shapes my hair. I apply a pea-sized amount that I spread on both my hands after towelling dry. The combination of virgin coconut oil and beeswax (not stated in the list of ingredients) holds my thick hair quite well and makes it easy to style. It’s not as sticky as I expected it to be. It has a nice, gentle scent courtesy of the patchouli, rosemary and tea tree extracts added to it. Throughout the day my hair is kept in place and I hardly notice I had it on. Z.E.N. Naturals organic hair wax is a product I recommend to those looking to style their hair well using natural and organic ingredients.

Z.E.N. Naturals sells their entire line of natural and organic products at the Legazpi Sunday Market.