Deonat Natural Mineral Deodorant Tawas

For years I’ve struggled with finding the right deodorant and/or antiperspirant. The active ingredients in commercially available ones gave my shirts pit stains. These unsightly yellowish crusts of aluminum crystals made me look for alternative solutions to control body odor and perspiration.

Deodorants made with natural ingredients are great as they are safe yet they cannot stop perspiration due to the lack of an active ingredient. They use a combination of herbs to control body odor but this only lasts for an hour or so and is not recommended for those who perspire a lot.

Having tried different kinds of commercial and natural deodorants and/or antiperspirants I started using a natural mineral deodorant in the form of a solid ammonium alum stick also known locally as tawas. In the last year of using it I have found that it is effective in neutralizing body odor. It does not stop perspiration but it’s not something that concerns me as it is a natural process of the body.

There is still a debate as to whether ammonium alum is safe for the body. But compared to the active ingredients found in commercial deodorants and antiperspirants, an ammonium alum stick is relatively harmless. And the best part is that I no longer get pit stains on my shirts.

Personally, I use Deonat Mineral Deodorant Stick. It comes in different sizes and comes in two scents: natural (unscented) and aloe vera. I’ve only used the natural and is the one I would recommend. According to a friend the aloe vera can smell weird over time so stay away from it. A single stick such as the one above retails for Php 154 at supermarkets and lasts over a year of daily use.