I’ve been to Binondo quite a number of times for buying fabric and I thought I’d put together a guide on what shops to go to. The buildings are huge and it’s like a maze inside so I can’t give exact directions. Refer to the pasilio and stall numbers when asking for help. I recommend going after lunch as shops like Benson open around 12 noon. There are a lot more shops aside from the ones below so don’t be afraid to wander around the interconnected buildings.



Benson has a large selection of wool fabrics for suits and cotton fabrics for shirts. I do not recommend buying wool fabrics here as they are overpriced and are not from Italy or UK as they claim to be. You will find gingham and oxford fabrics as well as linens that would be great for shirts.

Pasilio S Stall 14 in Divine Mart.


Blue Indigo Textile

This is where I buy my wool fabrics as the price is quite reasonable at 300 per yard. They have cheaper ones but they are not worth buying. There is a good selection of denim for jeans and can show you how they look like after being washed.

Pasilio B Stall 39 Ylaya Textile Market.


Amigo Textile Center

This shop used to have a good selection of wool fabrics of the glen plaid variety. It is still worth checking out if you want to have more choices. Stay away from the shiny and often synthetic fabrics they are selling.

Pasilio B Mabuhay Textile Market.


Luming Ong

Buy cotton twill fabrics for shirts here. They also have a lot of checkered fabrics for sale but choose wisely and imagine how the shirt will turn out after being made.

Pasilio C Stall 50 General Shopping Center.

Michael Angelo General Merchandise

Good selection of wool, corduroy and cotton twill fabrics for suits or trousers. They carry some dark green wools if you want to look rakish. They also have red and blue cotton twills for trousers or shorts. Located right beside Blue Indigo Textile.

Pasilio B Stall 41 Ylaya Textile Market.