Tourniquet Trousers and Straining Armholes (Slate)
“It all started when pants and jackets got tighter and shorter—a high-fashion Thom Browne thang—and we all started walking around dressed like über-chic ventriloquists’ dummies. But the shrinking did not stop there. In the past decade, the highly influential Browne effect reached a wider audience. As a result, mainstream men’s clothing has become body-hugging to the point of obscenity. The blousy business shirts of the past century are a distant memory. Those crepe-y, drape-y, boxy suits of yore have long since been cut up and made into pot holders and cleaning rags. For today’s man—but not for Today’s Man, which bit the dust in 2003—snug is the mot-du-jour.”

Tailor made in Japan (Financial Times)
“Only the Japanese create that new English tailoring without losing the essence and DNA which defines the style. Italians make beautiful looking lightweight suits but they look Italian. The Japanese can reinterpret the cultural essence of any nationality they choose.”

Luxury brands are failing their storytelling (The Guardian)
“Today’s luxury stories pale in comparison to their own past. Often squeezed under the “brand world” links on company websites, given a nod in the company’s logo, haphazardly translated into product imagery on brands’ social channels or not acknowledged at all in retail boutiques, they feel as irrelevant as the last year’s It girl.”

A Field Guide to Cognac (Eater)
“What is Cognac exactly? Cognac is a specific type of brandy produced from distilled white wine. It must be distilled twice, using copper pot stills, and aged in French oak barrels for a minimum of two years.”