London’s Finest Craftsmen (Mr Porter)
“Each of the six has a passion for a traditional – but still, arguably, the best – method of dressing and adorning a man. And they have brought along items that demonstrate that tradition. Asked to bring something of sentimental value, each presents a practical piece rich in history. “We are mere custodians of our crafts,” comments bespoke tailor Mr Davide Taub. “We maintain our techniques and traditions, handing them down just like these items have been handed on to us.””

Q&A: Liam Franklin, Savile Row Eyewear (The Holborn)
“Our gold frames are crafted from 18K gold, and go through over 120 meticulous hand processes to produce the finished article. Every stage of production is carried out here in London and each pair of glasses takes 5 days to complete. The frames are produced using a method known as “goldfilling”; a technique which includes coating the frame with a sleeve of gold which extends the life of the spectacles by preventing corrosion.”

Stalking the Wild Madras Wearers of the Ivy League (The New Yorker)
“On two muggy Saturday nights in September of 1964, plainclothes detectives descended upon Tokyo’s upscale Ginza neighborhood to arrest a group of teen-agers known as the Miyuki Tribe. The young women wore handkerchiefs on their heads and long summery dresses with ribbons on the back. But the young men’s outfits were items that most Japanese had never seen before: shirts made from thick wrinkled oxford cloth with buttons on the collar, three-button madras jackets, shrunken chino pants, and leather shoes with intricate broguing. This new fashion style was called aibii—from the English word “Ivy.””

Affordable Timepieces for Watch Snobs (The New York Times)
“Six timepieces under $1,000 that get props from watch connoisseurs.”