How smart is my tie? (Permanent Style)
“The elements that make a tie more or less formal are very similar to those that affect suits, shoes or handkerchiefs. Brighter colours and bolder patterns are less smart; smooth texture and dark tones are more.”

The Deities of Men’s Style (The New York Times)
“Not only were Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and Cary Grant uncommonly handsome humans, they were also possessed of that certain ineffable quality we categorize as cool. They looked great in clothes seemingly no matter what they wore. In part, this was because they looked as if they gave clothes and fashion not a moment’s thought.”

Book Review: Bruce Boyer’s “True Style” (No Man Walks Alone)
“Boyer has perfected a sort of literary sprezzatura, a studied nonchalance of approach that actually reveals complete control and mastery of his subject. He steps from topic to apparently unrelated topic with the aplomb of style icon Fred Astaire (whom he of course evokes). Despite apparent digression, he stitches together a cohesive story of the origins and evolutions of today’s menswear classics, tropes and obsessions – from the English country house look to Italian style to pocket squares to sprezzatura itself.”

The 20 Best Messenger Bags Under $400 (Gear Patrol)
“Since the early 1900s, messenger bags have been used by postmen, WWII dispatchers, Pony Express couriers, telegraph messengers and telephone linemen. Now, they’re the carry of choice for 21st-century professionals. But the line’s been blurred between briefcases, shoulder bags, satchels and duffel bags: how do you tell the difference? As we see it, a messenger bag needs to be carried with a shoulder strap. It allows the bag to rest relaxedly at the hip or, when in a rush, flung over the shoulder. A relatively slim profile is also a must. Today’s breed of messenger bags come in tempered cottons, ballistic nylons, waxed canvases and full-grain leathers. There’s no shortage of design choices, either. When deciding which one to buy, here’s some advice: get the one that catches your eye, fits your lifestyle and won’t slow you down.”