This Is the Worst Compliment You Can Give a Man (The Cut)
“So if dapper is out, what’s in? Sharp, put-together, handsome, on point, fresh, crisp(y), cool, well-appointed, killin’ it — heck, even something like natty works. But even better than those terms is specificity. It’s the simplest way to pay someone a compliment on their terms. It’s easy to flap your arms and say, “I love what I see with … THIS whole … situation,” but it doesn’t feel as good as “I like your fuzzy herringbone sport coat.” The overuse of dapper is a symptom of menswear outpacing our own vocabulary for men looking good.”

Mezcal Sunrise (The New Yorker)
“Mezcal is a distilled spirit, and can be made from some thirty varieties of agave, or maguey. It is typically produced by farmers using a laborious and antiquated method, at primitive distilleries known as palenques, and sold or shared in villages to mark births, funerals, and everything in between. Contrary to popular belief, it does not induce hallucinations. Originally, “mezcal” was a generic term, like “wine,” for a spirit produced all over Mexico. Tequila, a two-billion-dollar global business, is just a style of mezcal; developed in the state of Jalisco, it is made from a single variety, the blue agave, using a largely industrialized process, and consumed on spring break in the form of slammer.”

We Tried To Resolve The Great Gin and Tonic Debate (Mr Porter)
“The gin and tonic – simple, delicious and yet oh so divisive. First, we have the great garnish debate. Does one slip in a slice of lemon, a bit of lime, or perhaps some cucumber? Then the make of gin. With so many to choose from nowadays, which is the finest? And does it matter whether the vessel we drink it from is tall or short? In an attempt to settle these important matters, we asked five of London’s best gin makers to tell us how they like theirs.”

Inside The UK’s Most Secretive Watch Collecting Club (HODINKEE)
“This weekend, 32 of the world’s most obscure watch collectors gathered in an undisclosed location, somewhere in central London. Two of them flew in from Bali, another from New York, and many more made the special trip to the British capital with watches that adhered to the theme, “Issued By.” The get-together, organized on the same weekend as the London preview of the upcoming Phillips auctions, was invitation only, but I was briefly allowed into this horological fraternity, for which no secret handshake is required – so long as you’re wearing a special watch.”