Bryceland’s Opens in Japan (Die! Workwear)
“When I talked to Ethan about his shop back in October, he described it as Ivy, although he meant it more in approach than aesthetics. “When I first started studying tailoring, I realized there are certain products that are just perfect in design – whether it’s a Zippo lighter or a blue blazer or a Buco J-24 jacket. Basically things that are made right and don’t need to improved on, they are as they should be. I think a lot of Ivy stuff embodies that – the perfect grey flannel suit, the perfect tweed jacket. I want a business that revolves around that spirit.””

Ametora Interviews: Yoshio Sadasue of Kamakura Shirts (Ametora Extended)
“Young people had great aspirations towards America. And right at the time when everyone decided they wanted to catch up to the American lifestyle, VAN introduced Ivy clothing to young people. That lit the flame, and sales exploded.”

Which office are you? (Permanent Style)
“I have often talked over the years about sliding scales of formality – about how formal certain shoe styles are compared to each other, or ties, shirts etc. In this post, I wanted to set out a sliding scale for whole outfits.”

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Jazz According To Gregory Porter (GQ UK)
“Don’t know your blues from your bebop? GQ meets the Grammy award-winning jazz vocalist Gregory Porter to learn about jazz gig etiquette and the genre’s defining artists.”