Suits through the decades: Bryan Manning on costume (Permanent Style)
““You see this approach mostly in uniforms today. They are cut to sit very close to the body, with a very high armhole. That gives you tremendous ability to move,” says Bryan. To accommodate this movement, those old suits were also made with a lot more fullness in the back of the sleeve.”

The Modern Bartender’s Go-To Well Spirits (Punch)
“What bartenders keep in the well has changed dramatically over the past 15-plus years or so, not only in terms of the brands and quality of the more traditional staple spirits, but in the range of products that make up what’s kept in the well. So, what does the modern “rail” look like today? We asked 25 bar professionals to reveal (and defend) their go-to well spirits. Here are their top picks.”

Your Next Purchase: a ‘Green’ Fragrance for Summer (Gear Patrol)
“In the wide world of fragrance, green is relatively new scent family, one characterized by earthy notes you might expect from the name: grass, tea, moss, twigs and leaves. Variations abound, but fragrances categorized by green notes are often bright, crisp and casual, evoking images of an English garden or a fresh-cut lawn in the countryside. If that sounds like somewhere you’d like go this summer, these are the fragrances to take you there.”

The Reverse Sear Steak (Valet)
“It starts by roasting the steaks on a low heat to get the desired doneness, then searing it on a hot grill or skillet to achieve that deliciously crisp, smokey crust. This low-and-slow method flips the script of traditional steak prep and removes the guesswork, ensuring a tender and juicy center cooked just the way you like it.”