Ever since I bought my pair of Pherrow’s 466 jeans at TAKE5 Co. back in August they haven’t been washed. A few months ago I documented the progress of breaking them in which from then on it has only gotten better. This time I’m showing photos from the inside out as a result of wearing them 2-3 times a week. Above shows the whiskers that have developed on the thigh area.

More whiskers.


Beautiful honeycombs.


What happens when you roll them up.


Now that I’m done showing you the awesome results it’s time to give this pair a bath. I decided to skip washing them in saltwater due to the stench it would impart and the fact that it would require a second wash using hot fresh water just to remove the smell. Maybe I’ll do it with my second pair of selvedge just for the fun of it.

My choice of soap is Victoria natural laundry detergent. High quality denim is dyed with natural indigo so I’m going to use natural soap. Natural soap cleans gently and is easier to rinse from clothes unlike commercial detergents (more rinsing means more indigo loss). PHP 17 at Ritual for 100 grams.


Used approximately a third of the detergent I bought.


Filled up the tub with water. This detergent doesn’t bubble up but works just as well.


Soak for 15 minutes. My jeans aren’t particularly dirty so I didn’t soak them for a long time.


Rinsed and hung them up to dry.