The Goods Dept.-002

Indonesia has a lot of homegrown apparel, accessory and footwear brands looking for a home and The Goods Dept. is probably the best place for them to be in. Located in the posh Pacific Place in the Sudirman Central Business District, The Goods Dept. brings together the best local and foreign brands under one roof.

Upon entering you will see its neon-lit logo setting up the hip vibe of the shop. On the left is a great selection of foreign books and magazines. As you proceed further inside the store there is a wall for accessories and a section dedicated to denim care of Standard Denim Supply Co. Being a department store of sorts the shop carries menswear, womenswear, furniture, electronics-related gadgets like headphones and other small items that complements their main offerings. The only thing missing here is probably skincare products.

On top of their goods they also have a small cafe right beside the shop. The cafe is aptly called The Goods Cafe and based on their menu they offer comfort food with a twist such as their coffee rub burger. I did not sample their food but from the looks of it the food is good and as expected the crowd is usually foreign and stylish. If you’re pressed for time and want to check out Indonesian brands make sure to drop by The Goods Dept.

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The Goods Dept. is located at 1st floor Pacific Place, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD).