The Chambray Shirt-018

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Next to jeans, the chambray shirt is probably the most iconic piece in workwear (real workwear, not officewear). And at the height of the workwear craze in #menswear I had a shirt made with a densely woven black chambray cloth. Chambray comes from the word Cambrai which is a town in northern France from where the fabric was originally from. Chambray is woven with a white weft and typically an indigo warp which creates a fabric similar to denim but is generally much lighter. Heavy versions of chambray were made into work shirts giving the rise to the term “blue collar” referring to laborers such as miners.

The Chambray Shirt-013

The chambray shirt is no longer worn by laborers these days but it still has enduring appeal to men who want to look rugged yet sophisticated. Chambray shirts are utilitarian in nature; typically having two breast pockets and extended collars which allow it to be fastened without it being too close to the skin. This season Dockers has many versions of the iconic piece. They have a dark indigo (the one I’m wearing) and light indigo that is slubby in nature as well as a darker indigo and red that is smoother in texture. In addition it has two styles in plaid that are very interesting.

The Chambray Shirt-025

Wearing a chambray shirt isn’t difficult if you take cues from the workwear era. A great pair of jeans and brogues is all you need to achieve that timeless Americana look. As with the nature of workwear one doesn’t wear chambray shirts close to the body. Tuck it in as workers did back then and roll up your sleeves like you are ready to get down and dirty.

Shirt by Dockers. Jeans by Pherrow’s. Shoes by Sagara Indonesia. Watch by Timex.