When I was looking for places to buy raw selvedge jeans in this part of Asia, TAKE5 Co. was by far the most well-known and highly recommended. The shop carries only jeans made in Japan and a range of accessories, bags, belts, shoes, tees and shirts. They stock well-respected brands such as Momotaro, Pure Blue Japan, Samurai and Studio D’Artisan.

The shop is located on the second floor so one must make his way up a flight of stairs.


Taking photos inside the shop is not allowed so I asked permission if I could use some photos from their website or Facebook page.


I wasn’t able to catch his name but he is one of the shopkeepers. But what I really want to point out are the racks of jeans behind him. There’s a lot to choose from although you won’t find very fashionable items here such as skinny or low-rise jeans and even the slim ones are still quite straight. Some are anti-fit and have a cinch at the back. If you are a denim aficionado you should definitely visit this shop in Hong Kong.


Source: Take5 Hong Kong Shop

This corner of the shop is where they have all sorts of leather accessories. They are very workwear-oriented made with thick leather and tough metal. They should last a lifetime of use and abuse.


Source: Take5 Hong Kong Shop

I didn’t want to look like a cowboy so I got a pair of Pherrow’s 466.

TAKE5 Co. is located at 1/F 75 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. If you’re taking the MTR get off at Tsim Sha Tsui station and take the B1 exit. Walk north along Nathan Road and turn right at Granville Road. Walk until you almost reach the end of the road and try to find the sign and balcony. They also have branches in Bangkok, Taipei and Shanghai.