About six months after I bought my pair of Sarar brogues the soles were in a poor state. (If you must ask, yes, I walk a lot). The toe area was very worn out with the midsole starting to be exposed. The midsole was also cracked at the sides if you look closely at the first photo. I don’t think my shoes could take any more abuse so I decided to look for a resoling service.

Many people would choose Mr. Quickie, Besa’s or their neighborhood cobbler to repair their shoes but they are never good choices. Mr. Quickie charges 600 pesos to resole your shoes but they don’t do it with the proper last (a form in the shape of the human foot) stuck inside the shoe causing it to move while the new sole is being attached and sewn. I believe Besa’s is the same but charges 2,500 pesos which I thought was too much. The neighborhood cobbler has limited tools and would never have a last available.

I know the shoemakers in Marikina would know how to resole shoes with the proper last so I went to Cubao Expo and visited Valentino Shoes. After a little conversation on what I wanted to happen and the process I left my shoes with them. It would be sent to their factory and take an estimated 15 days but they were able to do it in 5. The total fee for resoling was 900 pesos.

When I saw my now resoled shoes I was amazed. The work was top notch and they felt exactly like when I bought them. The only difference is that the sole is now thicker by about 2 millimeters and slightly stiff because they have yet to be broken in. The right last and better craftsmanship do make a big difference. The result was well worth the priced I paid. I will be definitely coming back to Valentino Shoes whenever I need my shoes to be resoled.





Valentino Shoes is at Cubao Expo along General Romulo Avenue, Quezon City.