Reuzel High Sheen Water-Based Pomade

Reuzel Red High Sheen Pomade

Schorem Barbier is an old-school barbershop in located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. They specialize in classic and timeless cuts that have proven themselves over time such as the fade, pompadour and quiff. Last year they released a line of pomades under the brand Reuzel. The word means “lard” in Dutch and is a throwback to the past when pomades were made using animal fat and fragranced using apples. The word pomade comes from the French word pomme which means “apple”.

A few weeks ago my barber Mak Azores of Slick Barbers Co. let me try the Reuzel Red High Sheen Pomade. I was hooked and bought a 12 oz can from Amazon (also available in 1.3 oz and 4 oz). Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great pomade but I was looking for a higher amount of shine for my pomp. This is the reason why I decided to switch to Reuzel High Sheen Pomade. When you have a nice hair cut you want to show it off and attract attention which is why you want a high shine.

Reuzel High Sheen Water-Based Pomade

Reuzel Red High Sheen is a water-based pomade that comes in an attractively designed, twist-to-open tin can. The tin is a bit thin and got a few small dents on its way to me despite being inside a box with fillers. Opening it up you see a cola-colored pomade that smells like a mix of butterscotch and coconut. I like how it smells; sweet but not overly so. The scent doesn’t linger much and shouldn’t be a problem if you’re not into it.

Its texture is like any water-based pomade, however, it has a slightly softer consistency. This lends it more control which is essential for styling. My guess is the addition of castor oil makes it more slick and easy to style than other water-based pomades that don’t have it. When applied to almost dry hair it sets quickly, holds strong throughout the day and is re-style-able if necessary. As for the shine, it’s quite shiny right after applying it but it goes away over the course of the day.

Reuzel Red High Sheen is an excellent water-based pomade that has a strong hold and makes it easy to style a good pompadour. The only downside is that the shine doesn’t last the whole day.

Styled with Reuzel High Sheen Pomade 1

Styled with Reuzel High Sheen Pomade 2