Hi Kevin,

I stumbled on your blog when I was checking the thread on Philmug re the X10. Can I ask who your tailor is and where he is located? I have a wedding to attend on Jan. 21.

I have an old suit of my cousin who is taller and bigger than me. Do you think it would be good to have it repaired? I wouldn’t want to have one made for a lot of reasons. Do you think your tailor would be able to make the suit fit me well? If you would be kind enough to share his contact number with me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you in advance.


Hi Bong,

Every man needs at least one suit so I highly recommend that you have one tailor-made ASAP for the wedding. Alterations can be quite costly and still might not turn out well because there are certain aspects that can’t be altered such as the shoulders. You want to look polished at events like weddings so it’s best to have your own.

You can contact Rico Ignacio at 0918XXXXXXX. He’s located at the Kamuning Public Market.