I’m currently trying to build up my wardrobe as my new job calls for it. The devil-may-care clothes that I already have just won’t do. Your posts helped me a lot when I commissioned a tailor to make my first bespoke suit. The results are satisfactory, thanks to the many tips I’ve picked up from your blog and other blogs as well. I’ll have to be content with local tailors for the mean time before I have enough moolah to commission one or two suits, shirts, and trousers from Lee Baron.  

Anyways, I’m planning to have my first odd jacket done. I was wondering where in Ylaya, Divisoria did you buy your sport coat fabric. What type of fabric is it? How much did you get the fabric for? I’m thinking of using linen but I’ve read somewhere that linens wrinkle easily so I’m having second thoughts about linen.

I called up Mega Solo at Tutuban Mall as well as Fanbi but they said that they have limited variety of suit materials available (I called up if they have hopsack, worsted wool, herringbone pattern, etc but they said that they don’t carry those materials).

Hi Sig,

There are many shops along the warehouses of Ylaya. I don’t exactly remember the name of the shops but I know how to find them. The problem is that these shops hardly have names and some don’t even have business cards. Give me some time to put together a guide.

The fabric is wool and was sold at 500 per yard. Linen is a great fabric that is perfect for our tropical climate. It wrinkles easily but you want that to achieve a casual look. You can use an odd jacket in linen to dress up yet remain casual in chinos or jeans.

Most if not all of the fabric sellers in Ylaya are not familiar with words like ‘worsted’ or ‘herringbone’ so they’ll simply say they don’t have it to avoid any misunderstanding. All they know is the word ‘wool’ and will refer to all suiting fabrics as such. The best thing to do is spend an entire morning combing through the shops in Ylaya to find what you’re looking for.