Popover Project Part 2-005

Popover Project Part 2-028

Two weeks have passed since I started with my popover project and it’s time for my first fitting. There were no buttonholes, the collars and cuffs were made of different cloth and the seams were joined by a single stitch. In other words the shirt was in an unfinished state.

Putting on a popover made with Oxford cloth is very different from putting on a piqué polo shirt. The latter has a lot of stretch because the cloth is knitted whereas the former is tightly woven providing no stretch at all. I made the decision that the shirt shouldn’t be too close to the body because of the cloth and the way it is put on and it turned out well. Overall the popover fits great with a good degree of movement.

Popover Project Part 2-021

Popover Project Part 2-016

Popover Project Part 2-063

It seems like there is a lot of excess cloth over the back because of the shoulder pleats. But it’s actually just the right amount as it allows for more arm movement without tugging the entire back of the shirt. And as I’ve noted earlier it is different than a regular shirt so there should be some leeway or else it will be difficult to put on.

Popover Project Part 2-045

Popover Project Part 2-051

There wasn’t any difficulty in rolling up the sleeves. I plan to wear this popover tucked out and felt that it was a little long so I had to shorten it by an inch. Abdul cautioned me not to shorten any further because there will be more shrinkage up to half an inch.

Popover Project Part 2-034

Popover Project Part 2-079

Popover Project Part 2-090

I noticed there was some excess cloth around the collar and upper arm so I asked Abdul to remove it. We tackled the collars and cuffs last. The collar would be a cutaway with three-inch points. The cuffs would be rounded with a single button. Both the collars and cuffs will be soft and use a floating interlining (not fused).

With all the adjustments pinned and noted down I come back in two weeks to pick up my finished popover.