A lot has been said about building a wardrobe on a budget with the latest being this one at Put This On with other bloggers who have given their two cents. I feel I need to write about this to share what I’ve learned as I build my wardrobe.

Buying Fast Fashion

Fast fashion brands are cheap (when compared to most other brands) and are usually the places you’d go to when starting to build a wardrobe. I’ve bought a few shirts from Zara but the quality isn’t that good and most of the time are too fancy. It’s hard to build a timeless wardrobe with items from fast fashion brands so don’t buy too much, choose carefully and make sure they count.

Buying Sale or Thrift

I’ve often justified purchasing items because they look like a very good deal and even with some problems I can always correct them by having them altered. I usually end up getting burned by the amount of tailoring work that needs to be done. Think of the overall cost you’ll be spending and maybe reconsider your purchase.

Tailored Clothing

Tailored clothing is typically not included in most discussions on building a wardrobe on a budget because it is quite expensive abroad. In the Philippines the cost is lower so it makes sense to take advantage of the inexpensive tailoring services here. I have written a lot to make tailoring more accessible but one of the disadvantages is that it takes a lot of time and money to get things right. Even with the number of items I’ve had made my tailors still can’t quite reach the level of quality I am looking for. I have not completely given up on local tailors as I have not tried others that charge more but I feel I’m close to throwing in the towel.