Nike Internationalist PRM Phantom White Square

Nike Internationalist PRM Phantom White

This is part of a series that features items bought from the U.S. and shipped to the Philippines using the consolidation and freight forwarding service Shipping Cart. Learn more about Shipping Cart.

I’ve been looking for a new pair of classic running shoes to add to my wardrobe. After picking up a pair of New Balance two years ago I wanted something with a sleeker silhouette. I set my eyes on the Nike Internationalist, an 80’s cult model which was reintroduced in 2014 to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Since then Nike has released premium versions (hence the PRM moniker) of the Internationalist that are made entirely in suede. Unfortunately, the PRM models never make it to the Philippines like many of Nike’s nicer sneakers.

The solution was to buy them abroad. I looked around U.S. retailers but they were no longer available. However, on the other side of the Atlantic there was plenty in stock. (Note: What’s popular in North America isn’t necessarily popular in Europe). I chose to get my pair from Consortium, a small and independent streetwear and sneaker store in the UK. Orders to be shipped abroad are deducted 20% (EU tax) and it came down to GBP 77.61 (PHP ~5,300) with shipping to my Shipping Cart address in California, USA. Packages entering the U.S. with a value under $800 are duty-free.

It took about a week for my sneakers to arrive in the U.S. from the U.K. Once they arrived at my Shipping Cart address and was added to the website I had them shipped via air cargo. The Internationalist comes in a small box and is so lightweight that my shipping fee was only Php 799! Everything set me back around Php 6,100 which is about the same price non-premium sneakers are sold for in the Philippines.

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