Reuzel Blue Pomade and BW Boyd 269 Carbon Barber Comb

This is part of a series that features items bought from the U.S. and shipped to the Philippines using the consolidation and freight forwarding service Shipping Cart. Learn more about Shipping Cart.

Hair styling has garnered intense interest over the last two years with brands previously not sold locally suddenly becoming available. However, there are still a handful of excellent niche brands that aren’t officially distributed in the Philippines. Some are sold on the grey market with high markups that I would rather purchase them online in the U.S. and have them shipped here because I get better value. That is exactly what I did when it was time for me to get a new pomade and comb.

I’ve been very happy with Schorem Barbier’s Reuzel Red High Sheen pomade that when they released the Reuzel Blue Strong Hold pomade I promised myself it would be my next pomade. In December of last year I was running low so I decided to pick up a 12 oz tin of Reuzel Blue Strong Hold Pomade (USD 35) from Amazon. Compared to the red, the blue has a stronger hold.

The weeks leading up to my pomade purchase Details published an interview with the guys behind Imperial Barber Products whose Classic Pomade I have used before. In the interview they recommended BW Boyd combs which they swear are the best combs. I looked through a number of US retailers and got the 269 Carbon Barber Comb (USD 7.39) from Birth of Beauty.

I sent the pomade and comb I purchased from separate retailers to Shipping Cart, a consolidation and freight forwarding service that takes care of sending my items from the U.S. to the Philippines with door-to-door delivery. Shipping Cart provides a personalized U.S.-based address which I specified during checkout on Amazon and Birth of Beauty.

When the items I ordered arrived at Shipping Cart they are added to their website. I chose both items to be consolidated into one package and had them shipped to the Philippines. I would have gotten better value if I included more items in my package but I wanted to use them right away so I didn’t wait for my other purchases. Consolidation and door-to-door delivery cost me Php 784.82.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 11.16.23 AMIMG_0477

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