It’s too much of a cliché to start with a quote but I believe that the following statement by Thomas Henry Huxley describes why I read a lot: “Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.” I like reading magazines like Monocle and The Rake. Let me describe each and why I read them amongst the many magazines catering to men.

Monocle offers a comprehensive global briefing where you can read about current affairs, business, culture, design, style and almost everything in between. It’s the kind of magazine where you can read about business in Oman, the latest on menswear from Pitti Uomo and new retail projects in Japan all in one issue. It offers men a well-rounded reportage that’s like taking a trip around the world.

The Rake is a vastly different kind of magazine compared to Monocle. It’s a magazine for the sophisticated and elegant or those who desire to be. Reading The Rake is like taking a virtual tour of workshops of the world’s most respected tailors, design houses and watchmakers. The magazine is also like a lookbook with many photos of elegantly dressed men. Sometimes I feel that some of the contents are advertorials but I enjoy them nonetheless.

Monocle and The Rake are magazines every man should read. Both will add to one’s knowledge of global affairs and hopefully make him a rakish fellow.

Monocle is available at some local book stores. The Rake is available at book stores in Singapore and Hong Kong.