Messy Man Family

Ever since I made the move to natural and organic products Messy Bessy has been one of my go to brands over the last couple of years. I use their hand wash and liquid detergents for hand washing my clothes. I find that their products are gentle on the skin, remove dirt easily and smell nice.

Messy Bessy’s feminine branding doesn’t exactly appeal to most men and their offerings are aimed mainly at women. That has changed with the introduction of their Messy Man brand aimed at the male market. They sent me all of the products from their new line and I’ve been using them over the last few weeks.

Messy Man Hair Face Body Wash

Hair + Face + Body Wash

I’m a man and through market research brands have determined that I’m supposed to like all-in-one products. I’m not a big fan of these products because most of them are the typical “jack of all trades, master of none”. However, this Hair + Face + Body Wash is a product that I would use if I didn’t have my entire regimen setup. It’s great as an all-around wash with tea tree oil acting as an antibacterial and anti-dandruff agent, aloe vera extract to cancel out the drying effects of tea tree oil (depending on the skin type) and menthol that leaves a tingly-cool sensation when washed off.

Messy Man Bike and Stuff Cleaner

Bike + Stuff Cleaner

The Bike + Stuff Cleaner is for breaking down greasy substances so you can easily wipe them off. I’m not into sports but this cleaner has been useful to me around the house wherever there are areas you want to clean without the use of soap. It’s effective in breaking down the oils making them easy to wipe off and leaves a nice scent afterward.

Messy Man Muscle Relief Rub

Muscle Relief Rub

The Muscle Relief Rub is designed to be a topical pain reliever. Like the similar stuff on the market it is strong and generates quite a bit of (cool) heat. The difference with this and other products on the market is that it is more lotion-like than ointment making it easy to spread and absorbed by the skin. Depending on how much you put the heat can last between 20-30 minutes before it subsides. It provides a gentle relief to any joint or muscle pains you may experience.

Messy Man Active Spray

Active Spray

This product is labeled for use on gym bags, shoes, and sports equipment but it has one ingredient that makes it especially useful for the body: muscol. Muscol is a muscle relaxant making it great for use on the body after a workout or any strenuous activity. It evaporates quickly leaving a nice, fresh and clean scent of oranges and green tea. I recommend using this product right after taking a shower to relax the muscles and smell good at the same time.

Despite it being called “messy”, it’s really for the man who wants to look and smell clean. It was made with the modern man in mind especially those that lead an active and health-conscious lifestyle. As with the rest of Messy Bessy, Messy Man products comes in generous sizes and is great value for money in addition to supporting their youth-at-risk education programs. If you’re looking for products that just work, made with natural ingredients and help kids get through school look no further than Messy Man.

Messy Man is available at supermarkets, weekend markets and online at Messy Bessy’s online shop.