36262964-bespoke_man_eventI’m organizing my very first menswear meetup and fabric shopping this coming January 21, 2012. Binondo is where almost all fabric sellers in Metro Manila source their wares so it’s best to buy direct to get the best selection and price. We meet up at McDonald’s Juan Luna for breakfast then proceed to the markets along Ylaya Street. Once we’re done we head over to Wai Ying for an early lunch.

I’m limiting the meetup to 10 attendees as it isn’t easy bringing around a large group through the busy and narrow markets of Binondo. I’ll be contacting and verifying each one who signs up due to the limited slots. If you are into tailored clothing and are searching for fabric for your next shirt or suit then sign up!

If you have any questions about this meetup email me. Registration ends January 19, 2012.

Status: Registration closed.