Killspencer Zippered Pouch-01

This is part of a series that features items bought from the U.S. using Globe’s GCASH American Express Virtual Pay and shipped to the Philippines using the freight forwarding service My Shopping Box. For more information click here.

Over the last few months I bought a portable battery and a pair of sunglasses. Bringing them around is cumbersome if I put them all in the pockets of my trousers. I have a tote bag but find it too big to hold all these small items. I needed something smaller along the lines of a folio or a pouch. The first thing I remembered was Killspencer, a Los Angeles, California-based maker of carry products that I discovered a few years ago. The brand prides itself in making items by hand with a focus on functionality and quality.

Killspencer’s zippered pouches caught my eye because they looked great and measuring 12″ x 7.5″ it was size I was looking for. They are made using different exteriors: leather, suede and jacquard woven cotton. I thought that leather was too common and suede would easily become dirty. I’ve always wanted to have an item in a camouflage pattern and decided that I wanted the one made with a jacquard woven cotton. Each zippered pouch features a Swiss-made Riri zipper and a fire-retardant and water resistant nylon lining.

The problem with living in the Philippines is that brands like Killspencer are not available here. To solve this problem I turned to GCASH American Express Virtual Pay and their partner My Shopping Box. The former makes it easy and affordable to buy items in the U.S. that are not available in the Philippines. The latter makes it cost effective to ship items to the Philippines by minimizing shipping and customs fees. I placed my order using GCASH American Express and had it sent to My Shopping Box in California. I authorized the shipment and two weeks later my Killspencer zippered pouch was delivered to my doorstep.

At first glance, Killspencer’s zippered pouch is beautiful. The jacquard woven cotton exterior and nylon lining both feel nice to the touch. The zipper looks great due to its antique silver finish and moves smoothly. Due to the nature of the camouflage pattern and it being made by hand no zippered pouch is exactly alike. It may seem pricey at USD 109 but the cheaper alternatives look unrefined, unlined and don’t use high quality zippers. If you’re looking for a zippered pouch with personality and don’t mind paying more for refinement you can’t go wrong with the one by Killspencer.

Killspencer Zippered Pouch-011

Killspencer Zippered Pouch-005