Hamilton and Hare Boxer Shorts-2

Underwear is an often overlooked part of a man’s wardrobe. Many simply buy a pack of threes from a department store without much thought. I’ve been buying better underwear over the last few years wearing a mix of boxer briefs and boxer shorts. I’ve thought of buying from high fashion brands but they seem to be more about ad campaigns aimed at making you feel good than offering genuinely well-made products. I don’t mind paying more for a better product but there aren’t many options.

Enter Hamilton & Hare, a brand of underwear and lounge wear launched in 2012 based in London, England. They applied tailoring techniques to achieve a classic yet flattering fit. They use two-ply cotton making their tailored boxer shorts durable and comfortable. They sent me a pair of navy pinstripe tailored boxer shorts to try out and I could immediately tell that it is better than most of what’s out there in terms of fit, comfort and construction.

Hamilton and Hare Boxer Shorts-016

First of all Hamilton & Hare’s tailored boxer shorts have a superior fit. It has a higher rise that sits on your natural waist and covers the belly button. Most would not agree with such a high rise but it actually makes sense. Wearing it high means it will not ride down over the course of the day and you do not need to go up a size for your trousers. The trouser waistband will normally sit right below the belly button unless you wear trousers with a much higher rise. It is cut generously in the back yet the front remains flat so there is no excess fabric that will bunch up inside your trousers.

Hamilton and Hare Boxer Shorts-04

Second, their tailored boxer shorts are much more comfortable to wear. The waistbands on most boxer shorts are elasticated entirely whereas Hamilton & Hare’s are tall, structured and elasticated only on the sides. They do not feel tight yet stay firmly in place with the elasticated sides acting like side tabs on a pair of tailored trousers. The fabric is smooth to the touch and has the right weight for durability.
Hamilton and Hare Boxer Shorts-12

Third, the construction is very good. The stitching is neatly done and is reinforced in points where there will be a lot of stress. They are finished with mother-of-pearl buttons but they are only decorative because there are no real buttonholes. However, there is one aspect they could improve: using a higher number of stitches per inch. A higher SPI would make the stitching much finer and at the same time stronger like that of a well-made shirt.

Hamilton and Hare Boxer Shorts-008

If you don’t mind paying more for underwear Hamilton & Hare’s tailored boxer shorts deliver when it comes to fit, comfort and construction. They’re not only great as underwear but also as a pair you can wear at home. For those who aren’t into boxer shorts they have a complete line of underwear and loungewear worth checking out that should be equally well-made.