Jude Law joins Italian actor Giancarlo Giannini in a short-film for Johnnie Walker Blue Label. It is a beautifully shot video by Jake Scott where Law plays the rich and successful playboy who wants something he doesn’t have which, in this case, is Giannini’s rare and fabulous schooner. The boat, of course, is not for sale. Law makes a wager that if he can convince Giannini with a dance he can have the boat. The two clink their glasses and Law proceeds to setup an elaborate show for his friend including a visit to Steven Hitchcock and a shoemaker. When everything is ready Law invites Giannini to watch him dance. Moments later Giannini eventually joins Law on the dance floor losing the wager. The short-film ends with Giannini wanting to buy back his boat from Law with a story. The two clink glasses setting up the sequel which should be out in a few months.