GANT by Michael Bastian Poplin Shirt

This is part of a series that features items bought from the U.S. using Globe’s GCASH American Express Virtual Pay and shipped to the Philippines using the freight forwarding service My Shopping Box. For more information click here.

I love poplin shirts. They’re great for the tropical climate due to their light, cool and crisp weave. The last time I wore one was years ago after I had to retire it because it had frayed from too much wear. I’ve been looking for a replacement ever since but it’s hard to find one here in the Philippines. I looked around the GANT US website and saw that their perfect poplin shirts by GANT by Michael Bastian were on sale at USD 50 each down from USD 165 . I’m familiar with the brand’s sizing and using my technique when buying ready to wear shirts I picked up two shirts in a size XL.

GANT US only accepts orders from US, Canada and Japan but since I used GCASH American Express Virtual Pay to purchase the shirts this wasn’t a problem. While I was paying for my order the payment gateway of GANT US kept rejecting my order probably because it detected that I was ordering from outside of the US. I used a VPN service to trick their payment gateway that I was ordering from within the US and my order went through. A few days later it arrived at My Shopping Box in California. I authorised the shipment and after two weeks it was delivered to my home.

As expected the cloth is a pleasure to wear. Many may find it too thin but it’s great during hot weather allowing the body to breathe. The shirt fits perfectly except the sleeves which are a bit long but that can easily be fixed. The shirt was designed to be a very casual piece so no amount of ironing can completely remove the wrinkles. And there’s nothing wrong with that because wrinkles give off a nice relaxed vibe. I’m definitely looking forward to wearing them on warmer days.

Photo Credit: GANT