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The year 2014 saw the return of washed denim and it got me excited about jeans all over again. After my experience with my now retired Pherrow’s 466 I know exactly what I want in my next pair of jeans. It should be lightweight, straight fit with a slightly narrow leg. I tried on a few pairs of Japanese denim jeans by Fullcount and Momotaro both of which are carried by Signet (Dislosure: I manage Signet). Out of all the styles I chose the Fullcount 1108.

The Fullcount 1108 is exactly what I was looking for. I prefer wearing my trousers on my natural waist and the relatively high rise allows me to do just that. It is made with denim that weighs 13.75 oz. making it perfect for wearing in the tropics. It fits like the Pherrow’s 466 only with a slightly smaller leg opening. There are no loud details on the jeans so they can be worn with almost anything. It is made with 100% Zimbabwe cotton making them very comfortable in comparison to other raw denim that don’t use the same kind of cotton.

Fullcount as a brand was also one of the reasons why I chose to get my next pair from them. The company was founded by owner and head designer Mikiharu Tsujita in 1992. The name of the company comes from baseball where the term “full count” is a common name for a count where a batter has three balls and two strikes. He didn’t have enough financial resources at that time and he knew that his next move had to count hence he named his company Fullcount.

Fullcount is known as the first company to make denim using Zimbabwe cotton in Japan and their use of the material deserves to be highlighted. Zimbabwe cotton is considered as one of the finest cotton in the world. It is handpicked thereby ensuring the cotton is less damaged and contains less impurities. It has a great fiber structure that when woven creates denim with a unique texture and an unmistakable softness. Zimbabwe cotton is also very clean and its whiteness allows for better indigo dye absorption.

Unlike other Japanese denim brands that only make clothes using denim, Fullcount has a complete line of partially seasonal clothing making them somewhat a full-fledged fashion brand. They offer t-shirts, shirts, accessories and outerwear in addition to jeans and denim jackets. Tsujita understands that people don’t just buy jeans for the faithful reproduction of vintage details but also to look a certain way. The 1108 is a great example of this philosophy with a silhouette that flatters many body shapes. It is no wonder that many of my friends also happen to wear the same model.

My goal by the end of the year is to have a pair of washed jeans. I’ve developed a washing plan based on advice Mikiharu Tsujita gave my friend and Lost+Found’s resident denim expert Edmond Lim. I will be going on a full two months of almost daily wear before the first wash. Then after the first wash I’ll be giving it a wash every month to achieve a subtle, low contrast fade. I’m very excited to put these pair of jeans through its paces and I can’t wait to see the results after six months.

If you’re looking for a pair of raw denim jeans in Manila check out Signet.

Elasticated belt by TCNY. Shoes by Carmina Shoemaker.

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