Eight Wolves Beard and Pre Shave Oil: Bloomfield and Wilderness

Eight Wolves Beard and Preshave Oil Scents: Bloomfield and Wilderness

Eight Wolves is a brand of hair styling and grooming products that was founded by Shan Fontanilla in 2014. Their first product was a heavy hold oil-based pomade with a scent that is more appealing to the younger generation. It quickly became popular amongst those who were into fade, pompadour and slickback hair styles because of its high quality and strong, distinct brand.

Recently the brand introduced their line of grooming products that includes a beard and pre-shave oil and a beard and moustache balm. I don’t have a beard or moustache but use a pre-shave oil when shaving so I wanted to try their beard and pre-shave oil. Shan sent me the two scents of Eight Wolves Beard and Preshave Oil, Bloomfield and Wilderness, so I could give my thoughts on them.

The Eight Wolves Beard and Preshave Oil is unlike other pre-shave oils I’ve tried. The base oil is a combination of sweet almond oil and jojoba oil; not the more often used castor oil. One can easily tell the difference as it feels much lighter on the skin and is easily absorbed. Both oils have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, moisturising and healing properties making them great for use in skincare products. It also contains propolis which fights infections and boosts immunity.

The promise of any pre-shave oil is simple: increase glide and prevent razor burns. The Eight Wolves Beard and Preshave Oil does just that without feeling heavy or sticky. The eyedropper makes it easy to put the right amount on your fingertips so it can be massaged onto the face. I did not experience any form of irritation while I was using the product.

Both scents are excellent and it’s a matter of personal preference which one to get. Bloomfield smells of sweet flowers and wood with a hint of tea tree. Wilderness is a mix of musk and orange with a hint of lavender. Personally, I prefer Wilderness because I love orange and lavender. I find Bloomfield too sweet but some might like that.

Eight Wolves Beard and Preshave Oil retails for Php 450 per 20ml bottle.