Carmina Navy Suede Penny Loafers

Carmina Navy Suede Penny Loafers

Suede is one of my favorite things to wear. Compared to smooth leathers, they are softer and more pliable making them extremely comfortable. The rough texture lends it a casual charm that gains character over time. Which is why I’ve never understood people’s apprehension to suede.

Suede, like all kinds of leathers, have different levels of quality. Buying good quality suede looks better and lasts longer. Suede that is expected to be used in rugged footwear is sometimes treated to resist water.

As with any kind of footwear, proper maintenance is necessary to prolong their life. Brushing suede after each wear removes dirt and lifts the nap. There are protector sprays that can give suede resistance to water and stains. The use of shoe trees and not wearing them on consecutive days allows the accumulated moisture to evaporate.

But what about wearing suede in the rain? In my experience good quality suede holds up quite well. I’ve worn them a couple of times when unexpected showers arrived and they came away unscathed. I made sure to dry them out for two days before wearing them again. So far they still look fine.

Buying good quality and proper maintenance is the key to enjoying suede. Let them rest a day in between wears and an extra day if they get soaked in the rain. There’s no need to be afraid of wearing suede.