Daylong Extreme SPF 50+ Gel Sunscreen

Daylong Extreme SPF 50+ Gel Sunscreen

I’m a religious user of sunscreen. I make it a point to put sunscreen on my face every time I step outside even with minimal exposure to the sun. I’m a fan of VMV Hypoallergenics’ Armada line having used their SPF 30 sunscreen which is excellent. But I felt that I needed a higher grade of protection (higher SPF and PA rating which I’ll get to it in a bit) and could make do without the moisturizing properties so I started looking for other products. My search led me to Daylong Extreme SPF 50+ Gel sunscreen by Galderma.

Daylong Extreme SPF 50+ Gel sunscreen has a high SPF rating and is rated PA++++. SPF refers to the level of protection against UVB rays while the PA rating refers to the level of protection against UVA rays. The PA rating system was developed by the Japanese cosmetic and skincare industry and has been widely adopted by many brands in recent years. This combination of a high SPF and PA rating means it is a broad-spectrum sunscreen that provides the level of protection I am looking for.

The product is labeled a gel but it’s not translucent. Its consistency is that of a lightweight creme but with the texture of a gel. It’s not sticky and is easily absorbed by the skin. You don’t get that dreaded white cast associated with many high SPF sunscreens. Instead, you get a matte finish which makes you look like you didn’t put on any sunscreen. The lack of moisturing ingredients mean it doesn’t bleed out badly when you sweat. It also doesn’t have the typical sunscreen smell either.

It’s hard to tell if a sunscreen is effective until after a few years of use. But what I can say is that I’m a satisfied user of the product. My skin didn’t experience any allergic reactions or breakouts although your mileage may vary. Ingredient-wise it is free of oils, fragrances, parabens and pthalates although it contains certain ingredients that might raise alarm bells for some. This product strikes a good balance between protection and potentially harmful ingredients. If you’re looking for a high protection sunscreen this comes highly recommended.

Daylong Extreme SPF 50+ sunscreen is available at Watsons and SM Department Store.