This post no longer reflects my current opinion of Rico Ignacio. My thoughts on third world bespoke tailoring are outlined here.

After a little over a week from when my tailor took my measurements my suit was now ready to be fitted for the first time. I went to his shop and he assisted me in putting on my suit jacket.


He used a pin to close the jacket as it didn’t have any buttons yet.


If you look closely at the suit jacket you will see that the area below my chest and above my waist is too straight. My tailor insisted that this was all right. When I got home I looked at the photos closely and compared them to the suits in other photos. I saw that the suit jackets in other photos hug the torso so that there is some space between the sleeves and the body of the suit jacket. And if you look at the bottom edge of the suit jacket you will see that the curve is only present towards the the edge of the fabric. I wasn’t happy so I had two photos annotated, printed and sent to the tailor so he may have a guide in better achieving the look and fit I wanted.

As for the pants, they fit well but needed to be taken in at the waist by half an inch. The length had to be shortened by half an inch as I wanted them to just fall on top of my shoes.


After four days my tailor was ready for my second and final fitting. Look at the suit jacket closely and you will see that the body of the jacket hugs my torso better and he added more curve to the bottom edge of the suit jacket. I told my tailor that I was very happy with the changes he made and that he should finish the suit.


Here’s a closer look at my suit jacket. I look forward to wearing my suit soon.

Third and last in a series: Commissioning a Suit – The Finished Product

Thank you M. Tipton for snapping the last two photos.