Tyler Brûlé declared workwear dead early this year but I haven’t had a chance to personalize and experiment on a pair of raw selvedge jeans yet. Sites like Denim Archive and Denim Debate have inspired me to do the same and this is the start of my journey.

I was in Hong Kong recently so I went to TAKE5 Co, a shop that specializes in Japanese denim (both fabric and construction are done in Japan), to pick up a pair. I had a budget of HKD 2,000 to work with. I bought a pair of Pherrow’s 466 that set me back HKD 1,670 (PHP 9,185 at PHP 5.5 to the HKD). It is labeled tight-fit because it hugs the buttocks & thighs and is straight down the leg. It’s a lot of money for jeans that aren’t ‘designer’ but that’s not what I’m after. Let me start by explaining the intricacies. Continue Reading