I’ve been using my pair of Pherrow’s 466 for about two months now and I thought I’d give my readers an update on how they’re doing. I use them approximately 3-4 times a week for whole days with a lot of walking involved. They haven’t been washed ever since I soaked them in water for shrinking. I haven’t encountered any large or serious stains all this time and I’m happy to say they don’t smell bad as I simply air them out at the end of each day.

I bought them a little loose as the shop told me it would shrink an inch in the waist and expand half an inch. They’re looser now than when I bought them so I think I should have sized down as they’re also known to produce better fades and wear marks. I’m hoping that washing them will shrink the waist a little bit.

I’m liking the creases along that are developing along the thigh area. When you look up close the indigo has bled a little. My iPhone goes in my left pocket and my slim wallet on my right pocket. Both are not thick or bulky but I’m hoping they’ll develop shapes. I don’t put anything in my back pockets so I don’t expect any shape to form there. The buttons of the button fly are wearing through the denim nicely as well.


The crotch area is fading and developing some wear marks. Whiskers are starting to form but are not as visible as this point in time. Maybe they’ll become more visible after I wash them. I won’t be wearing them without washing for longer than six months so I hope I won’t get a crotch blowout.


One of the best developments are the honeycombs that have formed in the area around the knees. The part of the jeans that have a lot of honeycombs are behind the knees as shown in the photo above. I believe they will look great after washing.

I’ve got four months to go before I wash them and I don’t plan to simply throw them in the washing machine and hang them dry. Like many denim enthusiasts who have gone down this path before my plan is to wash them in the ocean. Salt water has been known to set in the indigo dye and makes it a look cloudy. After dipping them in the ocean for a few minutes I will rub sand all over it that will act as an abrassive to create wear marks. Once all of that is done I rinse them in fresh water and will most likely wear them until they dry.

I’ll be sure to give another update after the next two months of wear.