Baxter of California Cream Pomade-4

Over the last year I’ve been using a water-based pomade to style my hair. But it’s not exactly the product to use during weekends unless you want to look uptight in shorts and sneakers. I needed a hair styling product that would give my hair shape and at the same time impart a relaxed look. So when Baxter of California reached out to me I told them I wanted to try their cream pomade.

Baxter of California is a men’s skincare and grooming brand based in Los Angeles, California. It was started in 1965 by advertising executive Baxter Finley and is widely known as one of the first grooming lines launched in the United States specifically for men. The first product they launched was the Super Shape Moisturiser and they capitalised on its success by branching out into other skin care and grooming products as well as barber shops.

The Baxter of California cream pomade is a lightweight hair styling product that is more cream than pomade. Its consistency is similar to that of a sunblock or thick moisturizer. It is formulated to both shape and condition hair. It offers a light hold and soft finish — characteristics I am looking for in an off-duty look. I’ve been using it for the last three weeks and so far I like the results.

After taking a shower I towel dry my hair but leave it damp enough to make sure it is easy to shape. I apply an amount equal to about two peas and make sure to spread it evenly while adding a bit more to the front. As the hair dries it begins to loosen up giving it a relaxed look. The shape is still there but it is not as defined unlike using a pomade with a much stronger hold. I like the fact that it doesn’t “melt” and feel greasy at the end of the day unlike other wax-based hair styling products.

If you’re looking for a hair styling product to achieve a soft, relaxed look check out Baxter of California’s cream pomade. It gives hair just the right amount of definition and at the same time nourishes it. It has a light smell and washes off easily like it wasn’t there in the first place. It’s a great product and one that I highly recommend.

Baxter of California is available at Back Alley Barbershop.