Barong Tagalog Final Fitting-01

During the first fitting the improvements on the fit were identified and corrected. The Barong Tagalog is much easier to put on yet maintains the overall silhouette. The body has been lengthened with a curved edge to make it look flat. For the second fitting my focus was on the collar and cuffs.

White Planes Workshop strikes the perfect balance with a collar that sits high on the neck yet ensuring there is still a neck to see. The collar might look stiff and uncomfortable but it’s not. The collar is made with a floating interlining that is stiff enough to stand elegantly yet soft enough for all-day wear. I only have one problem with the collar: the points were not balanced. A new collar would have to be made to correct it.

The first fitting was done with a temporary collar which meant it didn’t have the right buttons on. With the right button on I noticed that it was a bit tight in the collar. The tightness was caused by the button on the collar sitting right on top of the first button of the camisa de chino. The solution would be to lower the first button on the camisa de chino.

I also noticed that the cuffs tend to move up. Abdul suggested adding buttons to the cuff placket to make the cuffs stay in place.

As a final touch Abdul will apply fabric softener on my Barong Tagalog before delivery. This should relax the fibers and make the garment look less stiff.

Barong Tagalog Final Fitting-0111

Barong Tagalog Final Fitting-0117