Barong Tagalog Fitting-0015

Figuring out the fit of a half-open Barong Tagalog can be tricky. It revolves around a single question: How do I make it easy to put on while ensuring a flattering fit?

Putting on my Barong Tagalog during the first fitting was quite difficult. I don’t usually have a hard time putting on my popover so I was sure that my Barong Tagalog needs to be loosened up a bit around the chest and the body. This would also give it a more boxy look and at the same time get rid of the flaring around the hips.

I do not have a flat stomach and this causes the front of the Barong Tagalog to rise up slightly. Similar to correcting the balance of a jacket, the front has to be lowered so it would be the same length as the sides. I also thought that the overall length should be longer than a tailored jacket so I requested that it be longer by 3/4 of an inch in keeping with the old school style.

Like my tailored camisa de chino, my Barong Tagalog also has high armholes and a close fit around the shoulders (doesn’t extend past the shoulder line). This makes it easier to move the arms while maintaining the neat appearance in the shoulders and biceps. Most Barong Tagalogs have extended shoulders, low armholes and large, baggy sleeve heads. This one doesn’t.

My Barong Tagalog is still in an unfinished state. It will not be having those collar and cuffs.

Barong Tagalog Fitting-0016

Barong Tagalog Fitting-0024