I attended a wedding over the weekend and I couldn’t help but notice the many mistakes Filipino gentlemen made with regards to how they dress themselves for a formal event.

1. Wearing pinstripe suits. They are meant to be worn when conducting business.

2. Button down collars. They are the least formal of shirt collars.

3. Overly designed and fancy suit jackets. They should be worn as evening wear.

4. Shirt collars don’t touch jacket lapels. It just looks wrong when this doesn’t happen.

5. Suit jackets too short. They should cover the buttocks. Men who do this look like a boy or a man who outgrew his suit. And only blazers are allowed to be short.

6. Boutonniere should be put through the suit jacket’s buttonhole and not pinned to it. This is the most elegant way to wear a flower on your chest.

7. Shirt collars not peeking out of the suit jacket. The suit jacket was not well made or the wearer did not test the shirt(s) he intended to wear it with.

8. Shirt cuffs not peeking out of jacket sleeves. The shirt sleeves are too short.

9. Suit jacket buttons should be fastened when standing and unfastened when sitting. Only applies to single breasted suit jackets.

10. Loud ties. I saw someone sport a bright orange tie that night. It doesn’t look good at all.

11. Wearing dark shirts. Dark shirts are for the club not a wedding.

12. Fastening all buttons. When wearing a two-button suit, you only fastern the first button. When wearing a three-button suit you only fasten the first two buttons or the middle button.

In the Philippines, men rarely wear very formal dress such as a dinner jacket/tuxedo. For a late afternoon wedding with a reception that goes late into the night, I suggest wearing a dark suit in navy blue or charcoal gray, a white shirt and a dark tie with stripes or dots. Skip the light gray or gray suit as they’re meant be worn during the day. Keep the ensemble simple & classic.