The Young Tailors Symposium – discussion (Permanent Style)
“The six tailors all had rather different backgrounds: some trained in completely different fields before switching (Arnold Wong at WW Chan, who was previously an accountant); some came from families of tailors (Gianfrancesco Musella at Musella Dembech, below); and others studied related, artistic fields (Davide Taub at Gieves & Hawkes, who trained as an architect).”

The Noble Legacy of Böle Tannery (Carryology)
“Tanning just fifty hides each year (where most commercial facilities tan 2,000 per day), the calibre of their rucksacks, briefcases and accessories is incomparable. Few brands treat their ingredients and process with near as much value or respect.”

Why Taiwan Is Poised to Conquer the Whisky World (Eater)
“There’s more to that bond between whisky and country than symbolism, though. What began as Kavalan’s biggest challenge has become its secret ingredient—Taiwan’s subtropical heat. It’s the reason that Lee was told it couldn’t be done, and now it’s the reason Kavalan is able to supercharge the whisky maturation process, accomplishing in four or six years what might take a Scottish producer 15 or 25 years. The very simple explanation is that heat increases the interaction of the spirit with the wood, leading to more rapid and intense extraction of desired flavor compounds.”

Our Favorite Hot Weather Cocktails: Highballs (Distiller)
“Summer is officially here! Some parts of the country are feeling the heat a bit more than others, but even here in our home base of Seattle, we are finally putting the sweaters away (during the day, at least). While we here at Distiller love our distilled spirits as they are, we don’t always sip them neat, particularly when the temperature rises.”