Map: The Birthplaces of More Than 30 Famous Cocktails (Vinepair)
“We love cocktails, a lot. And although the reemergence of cocktail culture means there are hundreds of great cocktail bars across the world whipping up new cocktails every night of the week, we still love the classics. But when a cocktail attains classic status, it’s often hard to remember how and where it originated in the first place. Which is why we made this map. We dove through history books — and made a few trips to our favorite bars in the name of research — to uncover the origins of more than 30 famous cocktails. Now head to the birthplaces of these great cocktails and enjoy them even more.”

When Heritage Brands Become Accidental Fashion Labels (Business of Fashion)
“Can it work? Can these old-fashioned companies remain relevant to fashion-conscious customers beyond the natural trend cycle? Tom Julian thinks that, with careful planning, the answer is yes. Heritage brands are akin to luxury brands: both rely on history to create a sense of trust, but newness to draw attention. And, diversity in the marketplace means that a single name can mean many things to many people. “At one time, a brand that was heritage and pure could only live in one channel,” Julian says. “Now, as long as the core hero product is always protected and preserved, the consumer is open to more.””

How To Wear a Blazer and Jeans this Spring (Hint: Jeans Are Not Trousers) (Styleforum)
“You want to look nice, right? Cool. But the first thing I want you to do is not picture jeans and a blazer as some kind of stand-in for a suit, or an odd jacket and trousers. This isn’t the time to floss that bespoke suit jacket – no, think of the casual blazer as light outerwear rather than tailored clothing. How you wear it is as important as what you wear. The right jacket will let you roll the sleeves up if you’re out for sangria, pop the collar if it’s a chilly night, and stuff your hands in the pockets (definitely do this).”

How to Eat Healthy Meals at Restaurants (The New York Times)
“Yet it’s entirely possible to eat both healthy and tasty restaurant meals. And because eating out is one of life’s great pleasures, we’ve put together this guide to smart restaurant eating. It ranges from undeniably healthy meals — with a rich variety of foods, heavy on fruits and vegetables, light on sugar — to fast-food meals that are at least better than the alternatives if you find yourself eating at McDonald’s.”

The male suicides: how social perfectionism kills (mosaic)
“It’s more than just job prospects that the young of the nation are working towards. “If you’re a good student, you’re respected by your teachers, parents and your friends. You’re very popular. Everybody wants to date you.” The pressure to achieve this level of perfection, social and otherwise, can be immense. “Self-esteem, social esteem, social status, everything is combined into one,” he says. “But what if you fail?””