Fashion Police (Monocle)
“What could be dismissed as frivolous has a serious business purpose. It is a simple equation: the better the staff look, the more people are likely to spend. “People who come to Beams expect staff to be well dressed; it’s part of the reason they shop here,” says Wada. Staff spend time with each customer, styling outfits that shoppers might not otherwise have the nerve to put together.”

Winning In Style (Mr. Porter)
“When you think of sport and style, the usual suspects immediately spring to mind. Messrs David Beckham, Tom Brady and Henrik Lundqvist would be among the first names on a team sheet of suave sportsmen. But here at MR PORTER, we like to look beyond the obvious. So we have thumbed through our yellowed Wisdens, dog-eared Panini sticker albums and baseball cards of yesteryear to assemble this all-star squad of sporting gods that span decades, distances and disciplines. Each is a game-changing hero not just for his athletic prowess, but also for the flair displayed in the way he dressed.”

A Guide to the Regional Ramen of Japan (Lucky Peach)
“A bowl of ramen consists of four basic elements: the broth, the tare, the noodles, and the toppings. The broth is generally a mix of pork, chicken, seafood, and vegetables, with each shop crafting their own blend. Most mix various parts of pig and fowl, some add more complex elements, and some never reveal their secrets. Though most diners categorize ramen into shoyu, miso, shio, and tonkotsu types, many shops specialize in just one style, referred to simply as “ramen” on their menu. This guide details the basic characteristics of a number of established regional styles; it only scratches the surface of the myriad varieties of ramen being served every day across Japan.”

This Japanese Closet Clean-Out Method Is Going To Change Your Life (Lucky)
“The KonMari method, as Kondo has coined her system, is simple: keep the belongings that “spark joy,” and get rid of those that don’t. That overpriced cocktail dress you always feel guilty for never wearing? Gone. Those sad laundry-day tights with the holey toes and stretched-out waistband? Sayonara. The system leaves precious little room for excuses: no maybe-I’ll-wear-it-somedays or but-I-got-it-as-a-gifts or I’ll-just-wear-it-to-beds.”