Warby Parker

Recently I was in the market for a new pair of frames. While browsing various eyewear shops in Manila I realised there wasn’t much choice. Frames under Php 8,000 had poor styling, too much branding and were made of low quality materials. Frames above Php 14,000 had nice styles and much better build quality but I don’t want to pay for the brand name stuck on it. The worst part was that it was difficult to find wide frames that could fit my face. With no luck offline I decided to check out what was available online.

At the top of my mind was eyewear brand Warby Parker. Established in 2010 the company designs frames in-house and sells them direct to customers. They have a wide selection of vintage-inspired styles that fit a variety of faces starting at USD 95. After careful consideration I decided to get the Nash in Greystone. The frame is made from custom cellulose acetate that is cut from a single sheet to maintain color consistency.

When I received my pair I was blown away by the quality. The acetate is beautiful and feels substantial. The hinges don’t expand, are larger and connect at two points instead of one making them a lot more durable. The size and shape was a gamble but I’m glad it fits and complements my face well. It’s quite amazing how Warby Parker can sell their frames at the prices they’ve set, give a pair to someone in need and make a profit all at the same time.

If you’re looking for quality eyewear without the ridiculous retail markups and brand licensing fees in the price check out Warby Parker.