Mr Porter-021

I frequently shop online because the items I am looking for I cannot find at retailers here in the Philippines. One of them is a silk-satin tie that I intend to use at formal occasions like weddings. I decided to buy one from Mr Porter by designer Richard James through their US store. I placed my order and waited for my order to be delivered to Johnny Air Cargo in New York. The next morning I got an email saying that it is their policy not to deliver to freight forwarders. I was very disappointed and called up Mr Porter to cancel my order.

Mr Porter-005

I still wanted to get the tie so I calculated the costs of buying it from their UK outfit but this time I intend to ship it to another freight forwarder in Hong Kong. But upon checking the delivery rates to Hong Kong and adding the fee I would pay to get my tie from Hong Kong to the Philippines it made more sense to ship it directly here. Mr Porter charges taxes and duties upon ordering and I thought that GBP 10 was a small amount to pay for. Shipping directly to the Philippines costs GBP 22. It’s not bad considering it would be here within 3-4 days and delivered directly to my office.

Mr Porter-013

I ordered my item on a Sunday night and received it Wednesday afternoon. When I received my item it was enclosed in Mr Porter’s premium packaging which was a white box. Upon opening the box I saw my tie enclosed in black paper with the sticker bearing the words “Mr Yapjoco”. I took out my tie and was very happy with my purchase. Everything was so sleek and minimalist – just the way I like it.

Mr Porter-004

Mr Porter does not allow shipping to freight forwarders and it’s easy to see why. After buying something online you want to get your hands on it as quickly as possible. They want their customers to place the order and not think of anything else because everything has been paid for and will be delivered to your doorstep. Sometimes you want to get the most bang for your buck by using services like freight forwarders. In the case of Mr Porter it was worth paying the shipping fees and duties because they made the shopping experience so quick and painless.