I must admit I am late to the party. Last year brogues were all the craze and only now I realize what I was missing. I made a new year’s resolution that I would wear different kinds of shoes and brogues were at the top of my list. I decided to pick up these pair of brogues by Sarar which were on sale as it was the last pair in my size. Sarar is a menswear brand that hails from Turkey and has been in the business for over 66 years now. I knew I couldn’t go wrong by choosing a brand with such a long history and are also known to manufacture different products for bigger name brands.


The leather they used on the uppers is soft and smooth. I like how they darkened the medallion at the tip of the shoe and vamp to give it a time-worn look. The brogueing extends to the back of the shoe so it can be classified as a longwing.


The shoes are pointed which gives it a European flair. It’s a more fashion-forward look that should still remain stylish over the next few years. It has an all-leather sole without any external stitching. I couldn’t tell if it had any stitching underneath but I think it does.


They are generally comfortable to wear all day long even if you do quite a bit of walking around. The shoe is quite smooth inside which is just the way I like it as I frequently wear my casual shoes without socks. It can instantly jazz up any outfit and goes particularly well with dark denim. Overall it is a well-made shoe with very nice details that I look forward to wearing toward the weekend.

Sarar shoes are available at Adora in Greenbelt 5 and Tyler shops all over Manila.