How It Works: Shipping Cart

How It Works: Shipping Cart (click to see a larger version)

When I can’t find what I am looking for locally or know I can get it cheaper abroad (including shipping) I turn to buying online from U.S.-based stores. During check-out I would arrange my items to be sent to a freight forwarder which would take care of shipping to the Philippines. Using a freight forwarder minimizes duties and taxes, cuts delivery times and dramatically lowers the risk of items getting lost.

Most of the time items come in proportionally sized boxes along with some non-essential packaging. However, there are occasions when items arrive in boxes that are much larger than the space they occupy. Freight forwarders charge based on weight or volume (whichever is higher) so when this happens I end up paying for volume (including the empty space) rather than weight. The size of boxes are unpredictable as they vary between retailers.

Thankfully there is a freight forwarder that does things differently. Shipping Cart, a service of logistics giant LBC, unpacks your package once it arrives at the U.S. address they provide. They remove the non-essential packaging and get the actual weight of the items getting rid of the empty space in the process. Shipping Cart does not round up the weight so they will charge based on the actual weight of the items. In short, you don’t pay for air unlike other freight forwarders and they also happen to have the lowest per pound rate of USD 5.04.

When you sign up for Shipping Cart you are provided with a personalized address. This personalized address is the LBC warehouse in California with the addition of your unique account number so that they will know a package belongs to you. Once a package arrives it is unpacked, a photo is taken of the contents and the details uploaded to the Shipping Cart website. After selecting which items you want shipped make the payment and they will be delivered to your door step in the Philippines.

Over the next six months I will be sharing my experience buying from online shops in the U.S. and having my items shipped using Shipping Cart.

This post is sponsored by LBC X. Shipping Cart is also known as LBC Shipping Cart.