Scotch eggs, balsamic & mustard chicken, beef jambalaya with cauliflower rice

Four weeks ago I started with the Munch Manila 30-Day Challenge. For those that can’t remember, Munch Manila delivers delicious and healthy meals five days a week to your door step. The 30-Day Challenge is a programme where I would eat the food provided by Munch Manila for four weeks and at the same time limit my intake of unhealthy food. There is no food provided on the weekends but I should still keep eating healthy. I also went on intermittent fasting to optimise the fat-burning of my body. Last week that challenge came to an end and I’m here to share the results and my thoughts on the programme.

While I was on the programme I felt healthier and better. My energy levels were stable because the sugar in my body wasn’t up and down. Occasionally I would crave for something sweet and I would indulge to keep my sanity intact. There would be some days where I would not eat the food given to me because I would be mostly on the go. There were also days where I would consume some alcohol. I tried to keep to my diet as much as possible but sometimes it can’t be helped when you need to work in a different place or when there is a need to attend social gatherings.

Despite that I was able to lose 10 lbs. – down to 185 lbs. from 195 lbs. after one month and about one inch off the waist. If I had been much stricter with the diet and exerted more physical activity I would have lost more weight. I realised that I was consuming way too much pleasure food and drink that it was creating a negative feedback loop in my body. I was constantly looking for it to feel better throughout the day. By switching to healthy food that negative feedback loop stops. I no longer had the need to eat food that made me feel better yet are mostly empty calories. It’s difficult but going on this programme showed me it was possible.

I’m convinced that Munch Manila can make you feel better and lose weight just like I did. They are giving one lucky reader a chance to go on the same 30-Day Challenge. Food will be delivered five days a week for four weeks and include advice to maximise the programme. All you need to do it send an email to [email protected] with the subject “30-Day Challenge” and explain why you should be chosen as the next person to take on the challenge. The person chosen will start the programme in January 2015 – perfect for losing all that weight gained over the holidays.