Castle Forbes Lime Essential Oil Shaving Cream-0122

When I started becoming serious with shaving Castle Forbes shaving creams would always come recommended by wet shavers. I recently got the opportunity to see for myself if it was as good as people claim. MenEssentials, a premier, value-minded retailer of grooming products, sent me the Castle Forbes Lime Essential Oil Shaving Cream so I could share my thoughts on it. Castle Forbes was established in 1996 at the beautiful Castle Forbes Estate in Scotland. The small, family-run company uses only the purest essential oils in their shaving and grooming products to get the best benefits.

Opening the Castle Forbes Lime Essential Oil Shaving Cream you are greeted with a sweet and zesty lime scent. I find it delightful and refreshing to use and a nice way to wake up the senses in the morning. It has a creamy and thick consistency like a rich moisturising soap. The lime essential oil is great for skin that is prone to nicks and cuts. The cream is easy to handle yet requires to be scooped out of the tub. It comes in a 200ml/6.8 fl oz tub which is larger than most shaving creams. A tub should last about 6-8 months or even longer.

A small amount of shaving cream easily explodes into a huge lather. I find that using more than the usual amount of water makes the lather bigger and better. The razor glides through the cream very well. It doesn’t get stuck in between the blades unlike thicker creams. The cream provides a great amount of cushion as well as minimising nicks and cuts. The moisturising properties of this cream is fantastic leaving my face soft, smooth and moisturised after every shave.

The Castle Forbes Lime Essential Oil Shaving Cream is relatively expensive compared to other shaving creams in the same category. However, the huge tub and high quality cream will give you plenty of excellent shaves. MenEssentials retails it for USD 38 which is slightly less than most retailers. I shipped it to the Philippines using freight forwarder My Shopping Box. If you are also ordering from the Philippines I highly recommend My Shopping Box as they are 10 minutes away from MenEssentials.