Archival Shoulder Tote Bag

Archival Shoulder Tote Bag

A few weeks ago Urban Traveller & Co. sent me their Archival Shoulder Tote Bag so I could give me thoughts on it. The bag is best described as a spacious, open-top briefcase-shaped tote bag without the zippers and flaps. I’ve had plenty of opportunity to use the bag including a couple of short trips to La Union and Bacolod.

The Archival Shoulder Tote Bag is constructed using 18oz duck canvas with rivets and bar tacks located at stress points. You can wear the bag over the shoulder using the removable and adjustable shoulder strap. Brass hardware and leather handles round out the bag. The design and construction makes for a sturdy bag that can be used in a variety of ways and carry many different things.

The bag was primarily designed for people who commute thus the open nature of the bag. It’s easy to put in and take out stuff from the bag, however, when it rains they’ll get wet. I like that it has four pockets, two on the outside and two on the inside making it easy to organise smaller items. I like to swing tote bags under my arms but for this bag it’s a bit difficult as the handles are too short.

I’ve taken the bag on a few trips and it works great as a carry-on bag. It fits comfortably in the overhead bin and can hold as much stuff as airlines allow. For overnight or day trips it can hold a day’s change of clothes and gear you might need to bring along.

For most people the open nature of the bag means stuff might be potentially get stolen or wet. If you travel privately, or aren’t frequently exposed to wet weather or simply don’t mind the open top, the Archival Shoulder Tote Bag is a sturdy, spacious and versatile bag that belongs in your carry arsenal.

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