Lately I’ve been wearing more tailored garments and I realized that I don’t have enough dress shoes in my wardrobe. I decided my next pair would be a pair of Adelaide Oxfords. This particular style has the right amount of brogueing to keep them on the dressier side and have the ‘U’-shaped detailing that sets them apart. After carefully studying what was available within my budget I chose the Alfred Sargent Moore Adelaide Oxfords.

The Moore is built on Alfred Sargent’s 724 last. A chiseled last that achieves the intended look without being too elongated. This last is available in E and F widths with the latter being the wider width. I purchased a size UK 9.5 F and fits well for a ready to wear shoe given my slightly wide feet. It feels tight across the toes but comfortably snug in the vamp and the heel. I love the last shape and is comfortable to wear the entire day.

One of the things I like about Alfred Sargent shoes is that the leather is excellent for its price. The calf skin is sturdy, doesn’t stretch a lot and easily takes a shine. I like the antique effect applied to the leather giving it more depth. It’s something that you don’t see from makers such as Carmina Shoemaker where the leather looks flat with the color uniform across the entire shoe.

Compared to other shoe makers on the same price range Alfred Sargent takes it a bit further when it comes to construction. The leather soles are oak bark tanned making it more durable, flexible and breathable than regular leather soles. The shoes have a rolled waist which is between the standard and fiddleback waist. The result is a more dramatic shape in the arch making it more elegant. Both the brogueing and Goodyear welting were all neatly done.

I’ve worn them a few times and they are easy to break in. A few blisters initially around the toe area but went away after a few wears. I did not encounter any heel slippage and I’ve been able to completely close the lacing. After I took these photos I added Vibram sole protectors to prolong the lifespan of the shoe.

Alfred Sargent is one of the lesser known Northampton-based, English shoemakers yet their last, leather and craftsmanship is fantastic for the price. I purchased them from Pediwear and they include a pair of lasted shoe trees in the exact size making them a truly great value. The Moore Adelaide Oxfords are a wonderful addition to my wardrobe and I look forward to wearing them more.